Berkley & Abu Garcia Student Angler Program

We are excited to partner with the Berkley & Abu Garcia Student Angler Program, and are offering you professional fishing jerseys at a special price. We have created various designs for your team to choose from, that are shown below (insert images). Please follow the below guidelines provided by Berkley & Abu Garcia Student Angler Program.


  •  Fully customized color combination and styles of your choice on each template, with or without our partner Prym1 Camo designs

  • Cannot change placement and sizes of Berkley and Abu Garcia logos

  •  Logo spaces are available for additional sponsors (i.e. local businesses, such as restaurants, dealerships, etc.)

  • No competing sponsors are allowed (i.e. Lews, Daiwa, Strike King, 
    Zoom, etc.)

  • Logo space available for Bass or FLW

Long Sleeve 1/4 Zip Jersey $40.00 

Short Sleeve 1/4 Zip Jersey $38.00 

Long Sleeve Crew Neck Jersey $36.00 

Short Sleeve Crew Neck Jersey $34.00 

35% savings!


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Discounts for team or multiple orders.